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Key challenges

The healthcare industry is facing multiple challenges with new demands brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Staffing shortages along with patient surges and the need for rapidly-changing procedures from testing to caregiving come together to inspire change at every level. Healthcare settings and their suppliers upgrade their systems, services, train their staff while raising patient awareness about prevention measures or their ability to get virtual care.

Examples of projects

MKI explored new markets and estimates market potential in new geographies for medical device and In Vitro diagnostic providers. Several projects have been conducted for In Vitro diagnostic companies with selection of priority countries for expansion, planning of the launch approach (types of tests to be launched first) and definition of the go-to-market strategy.

Prospective studies with evaluation of the evolution of testing methods (e.g., qPCR versus NGS; rapid tests versus self tests) with anticipation of structural changes have been recently conducted.

Acceptable price evaluation of antiseptic products (incl. Van Westendorp analysis) and specific medical device market segmentation for international suppliers have been provided by MKI teams. 

Construction industry

Key challenges

The construction industry is facing various challenges such as climate, regulatory, logistics or public order issues. However, the biggest challenge they face is the reduction of their carbon footprint. The construction industry generates 23% of greenhouse gas emissions in France, and 38% worldwide. Cement, which is the main component of concrete, is responsible for 7% of global CO2 emissions. As a reminder, the industry is expected to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and meet a growing demand due to demographic growth.

Examples of projects

MKI explored the green and low-carbon concrete market as well as the market for drinking water and sewage networks in Île de France.
To provide our client with the list of potential partners and/or acquisition targets, French and German scaffolding markets (sale, rental, installation) have been estimated with evaluation or their trends.
The German construction equipment rental market (earthmoving equipment, tools, electrical generators, site signage) has been assessed to highlight the evolving client purchasing criteria and needs. Regulation review and monitoring have been made during the analysis of the research project on management and revalorisation of construction waste in Réunion Island. The review of the waste management and recycling means available has helped define client's business roadmap.


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AI & digital

Key challenges

Among the past economic revolutions, the digitalisation of companies and industries is certainly the one with the biggest impact. The digitization of data, the digitalization of work tools, the use of artificial intelligence and the emergence of new data sources have transformed many industries. The challenges are numerous, from human-machine cooperation to disruption of traditional markets by digital players. However, to make the right decision about introduction of an AI-based tool or transformation of business processes through digitalization companies ask for external consulting.

Examples of projects

MKI explored the European market for the use of Artificial Intelligence in pathology, iproviding its client with the profiles of potential users.

For further clients MKI assessed and analyzed the evolution of the digitalization of pathology market and reviewed the level of digitalization of players in the French and German debt collection, insurance and other markets.

Within other projects, MKI probed on the expectations of clients for parking managemenet with a digital tool in France.



Consulting and private equity firms, banking and insurance companies, development companies as well as Chambers of Commerce


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