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Market Review

mki carries out tailor-made market research that is perfectly suited to your business and your market. We help you make the right decisions about new markets or geographical areas. Our approach is multi-faceted and based on:

  • Qualitative and quantitative interviews with market players

  • Interviews with experts

  • Documentary research

  • Analysis and cross-checking of different sources of information

A complete market review or a light market review can be offered based on your specific requirements.

Expert search and interviews

mki provides you access to medical experts from midwives and nurses to practitioners and laboratory directors in France and abroad.

In addition,
mki conducts interviews with these experts and provides you with quality information for your strategic decisions.

Market Discovery

mki helps visionary startups validate the suitability of their business model in new potential target markets.


We use various approaches to realize unique and fine-tuned niche market discoveries.

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Voice of Customer - VOC

mki helps you to understand your customer engagement and its importance for the success of your company.

We evaluate the experience of your customers and assess their satisfaction.

Screening and profiling of acquisition targets

mki identifies potential acquisition targets by profiling and assessment of those most relevant for external growth in any geographical area.

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