Customized and multi-client
market studies 
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mki creates customized studies specially for your specific demands and your business. We will help you to take the right decisions on new market segments or geographies. We use various approaches to realize unique and multi-client studies:

  • Qualitative and quantitative interviews with market players and experts

  • Documentary research (public and semi-public)

  • Analysis and crosscheck of different sources of information

Customer engagement and experience
Voice of customer 
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mki will help you understand your customer engagement and why is it important for the success of your company. Moreover, we will evaluate the experience of your customers, assess their satisfaction according criteria defined with you. In addition, we can clarify your customer journey, map it and make it a powerful operational tool for your sales and marketing teams.

Thanks to our research, we will also find the optimal selling price for your products and services.

Store checks and
mystery shopping
Boutique de vêtements

mki can provide various checks at point of sale for you, whether it is a store, hotel or gas station...

We can collect prices, evaluate the quality of service, employee behavior, cleanliness and appearance, check the availability of promotions and products for you and even more!

Prospection of new
clients and partners in their language
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mki creates for you a quality prospecting database and organizes relevant prospective campaigns.

We organize meetings for you and can assist you during your sales pitches in your potential customer language. 

Competitor profiling and
Raquettes et filet

mki will help you get a deeper understanding of your competitive landscape.

We provide you with competitive profiling and assessment, competitor news feed monitoring, benchmark of best practices or fullfil any competitive analysis on request.

Profiling of
acquisition targets
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mki identifies potential acquisition targets with profiling and assessment of those most relevant for external growth.

Thanks to our international approach we can cover any geography to conduct the best acquisition search for you.