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Business consulting

Testing your business idea 

What is the recipe of a successful business idea?

  • Uncovering a business idea requires creativity and observation, along with a systematic approach

  • Successful projects usually answer to genuine needs or existing problem-solving issues

  • MKI implement a design-thinking approach

  • We will help you unlock the potential of your business idea, refining and pivoting it based on available resources and constraints, legal and regulatory compliance

Note: MKI will send you an initial list of questions before the business consultation session to:

  • Prepare an efficient discussion roadmap

  • Provide you with relevant preliminary insights

Business Meeting

Writing or challenging your business plan  

How can you draft a business plan quickly and efficiently? MKI will:

  • Assist you in writing down and giving you a comprehensive overview of your business plan

  • Briefly present your mission, vision and offer in a clear report

  • Focus on essentials and priorities, leaving aside unnecessary details

  • Ensure your business plan is error-free and straight to the point

  • Help you write a compelling story about your business

How can you challenge your business plan? MKI will:

  • Critically assess your business plan, identifying potential weaknesses, inconsistencies and areas of improvement

  • Implement a systematic approach by:

    • Understanding your business plan

    • Testing assumptions made

    • Evaluating the market research conducted

    • Verifying the reliability of data sources and analysis

    • Reviewing financial projections and overly optimistic estimates

    • Assessing risks

    • Challenging the competitive landscape presented

    • Ensuring the plan is resilient to changes in the market

    • Conducting a SWOT analysis


Based on this deep dive, MKI will provide constructive feedback and propose alternative solutions or suggestions for consideration

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