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Market research

How to identify and expand your target market over time:

  • MKI conducts thorough market trend and customer behavior analysis

  • We will help you understand your target market by collecting and reviewing hard-to-obtain data

  • We will assess the viability of a new product or service through direct interaction with potential clients

  • You will get exclusive opinions and feedback from customers about their interest in your solution

Market overview 

Do you want to obtain a comprehensive understanding of your target market? MKI will:


  • Deliver a high-quality review of your industry landscape

  • Quantify the volume and value of your target market through market-sizing techniques

  • Identify the drivers and inhibitors that may lead to future trends and evolutions

  • Help you to understand how recipients perceive you based on market positioning of your brand

  • Pinpoint the key assets that differentiate your company from competitors

Competitive environment 

Do you want to know where you stand and how to outperform competitors?


  • MKI will carry out a thorough competitive landscape analysis including, among others:

    • Products and services offered

    • Pricing

    • Market share

    • Distribution channels

    • Strengths and weaknesses

    • Recent developments

  • We will perform a SWOT analysis for key players

  • Our experts will realize a benchmark to compare your  performance and offer against competitors

Thanks to our effort, you will be able to identify your areas of excellence and those of improvement

Customer insights 

Clients' feedback

  • MKI will conduct interviews and surveys to collect direct feedback on products and services via email, phone and video calls, as well as in-person meetings with clients

  • Our analysts will monitor and gather information on social media and online review platforms (such as Trustpilot, Glassdoor, Google Reviews, etc.)

  • Our team will identify patterns and sentiments within the feedback to evaluate overall customer satisfaction and areas of improvement 

Customer experience

  • Customer experience analysis gives you a better understanding of what people value the most about your brand and which aspects, on the contrary, are in need of improvement 

  • It will help your company to stand out by offering superior products and services that meet customer needs more effectively

  • Our team will perform store checks and mystery shopping activities to evaluate your company's customer service, giving you valuable insights on your client experience


  • MKI clients will receive high-quality PowerPoint presentations (submitted in both extended and abridged version, in horizontal or vertical layout), Excel database, PDF documents, and Canva-based infographics

  • Deliverables will either follow our internal templates or be customized to adhere to your company's graphic charter

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