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Identification of growth opportunities

Expanding to new markets and geographies  

Once companies have gained a foothold on their primary market, they start exploring possibilities for future growth.

Expanding to new markets and geographies is usually one of the best options. However, companies frequently lack market specific knowledge to tailor their offer effectively. Leveraging our multicultural team, we shall put at your service our profound expertise in international market analysis.

Through meticulous quantitative and qualitative data collection from official sources, public database and expert calls, we deliver a high-quality evaluation of your markets of choice, accompanied by recommendations highlighting other promising areas worth exploring.

Business Meeting

External growth  

External growth is the fastest way to increase market share, revenue and/or global presence due to accelerated expansion and enhanced competitiveness.


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are the most popular option for external growth. However, before engaging in such high-risk operations (70% of M&A fail), it is desirable to conduct a full review of the target company to understand the challenges ahead and potential synergy gains.

Strong of a long-standing experience in due diligence projects, our team will provide you with a in-depth analysis of your target company assets, capabilities and financial performance.

Product and service innovation

Product and service development or improvement is another option to be taken into account when looking for a solution to boost your company revenue. 


Whether you are considering to introduce a complementary product or to launch an entirely new solution, our experts will guide you throughout the process. In addition, we will assess the market potential of the perspective products, ensuring informed decision-making for sustainable growth.

When it comes to portfolio enhancement, we will help you collect and analyze the feedback from your current and potential clients. We will test your solution within a focus group to provide independent and qualitative opinions. We will also review competitors' products and services to find real-case examples of efficient improvements.

MKI experts will provide you with actionable recommendations for product and service improvement that will help you align with market demands and enhance customer satisfaction.

Product Packaging
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